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Mark Shippey kprinter at dfw.dfw.net
Tue Sep 2 16:32:23 EST 1997

catherine yronwode (cat at luckymojo.com) wrote:
: This is OLD old news. Judi Bari and Earth First repudiated the use of
: violence YEARS ago. In fact, it was Judi's honest and outspoken
: change-of-heart on this issue won her a lot of non-fanatical supporters,
: including many loggers...and me. I personally have never attended any
: rallies sponsored by groups that advocate violence.  Judi's sincere and
: very public admission that advocating violence had been wrong and that
: only non-violence would win the cause, was what swayed me to attend my
: first Earth First rally. 
: Yes, Judi and her friends started out with a hot-headed attitude, but
: they gave that stupid posture up in favour of legislative protest and
: direct non-violent action. And since that change, non-violence training
: has been an essential part of the preparation for every demonstration
: they hold. 
: Earth First has been completely committed to non-violence for so many
: years that it seems more than high time for folks to stop name-calling
: based on an abandoned policy. I myself, by the way, am NOT a member of
: Earth First, so don't take my word for it -- call them up and ask them
: how long it has been since they became a non-violent group. I know i was
: still married to my ex-husband when they made the change, so it's got to
: have been many a year! 
: Cordially,  
: catherine yronwode

  Well, how nice. They are no longer violent. Big of them. Of course,
only a handful of them ever served any time for all the lost money
and working hours when they "monkey wrenched" the equipment used
by innconent people merely doing their job. Too bad about that.
  I admire their new attitude of common decency. How nice.
  I wonder how many of the monkeys went back to compensate a
business owner in any way for damaged logging or construction
equipment? Maybe just a card saying, "I'm sorry I cost you
thousands of dollars" or something.
   And, I wonder it you have seen any of the posts from those
sympathetic to EF! who still believe that such violence is
justified and that monkey wrenching a valid technique of protest?
   And what about the factions that spun off from EF! that are
currently promoting and practicing such sabotage?
   Nice of y'all to stop promoting illegal violence against
innocent business owners and workers though.

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