Mark Shippey kprinter at dfw.dfw.net
Wed Sep 3 17:26:34 EST 1997

T, Patrick Culp (tpculp at pinnacleweb.com) wrote:
: >> "Headwaters '97 -- Call to Action" 
: I agree that there are points to be made on both er ALL sides but what
: is it doing here??  Not complaining, just wondering...

  As far as the techinical aspects of paper making it has nothing
to do with this newsgroup. So, I should trim the headers.
  But, the reason it was here in the first place was a propaganda
move on the part of enviornmentalists to promote their viewpoint.
  I have simply been pointing out that at least one of the
groups involved here has a history of anti-business, sabatoge
and violence. And, that while they currently claim that they
have long ago "renounced violence", they still activelyÿsell
and promote literature that encourages it.
  So, I left this paper group in the headers for a few posts
to explain some of this and to point out that Earth First!
has a history of promoting burning, slashing, etc.
  Being a business person, I am not exactly fond of wackos who
go around promoting sabatoge against one of the very industries
from which I make my living.... the forest and paper industry.
  I can respect environmental groups that work within the
system, but I find sabatoge offensive.

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