Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Thu Sep 4 17:19:14 EST 1997

Jym Dyer wrote:
> > So, I left this paper group in the headers for a few posts to
> > explain some of this and to point out that Earth First! has a
> > history of promoting burning, slashing, etc.
> =o= Can you provide even a shred of evidence that EF! has ever
> actually  done "burning, slashing, etc.?"  If so, I'm sure the
> FBI would be very interested in your evidence, since no such
> evidence has ever turned up.
> =o= No, the real reason Mark Shippey is posting to these
> newsgroups is that folks in the environmental newsgroups have
> rebutted his meagre arguments time and again.  He's looking
> for new pastures to spread his lies on.
>     <_Jym_>
There were convictions and fines of several million levied in California
last year, against members of EF! for destruction of equipment, and
sundried other "non-events" of a criminal nature.
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