Mark Shippey kprinter at dfw.dfw.net
Thu Sep 4 14:08:25 EST 1997

Don Staples (dstaples at livingston.net) wrote:
: Jym Dyer wrote:
: > 
: > > So, I left this paper group in the headers for a few posts to
: > > explain some of this and to point out that Earth First! has a
: > > history of promoting burning, slashing, etc.
: > 
: > =o= Can you provide even a shred of evidence that EF! has ever
: > actually  done "burning, slashing, etc.?"  If so, I'm sure the
: > FBI would be very interested in your evidence, since no such
: > evidence has ever turned up.
: > 
: > =o= No, the real reason Mark Shippey is posting to these
: > newsgroups is that folks in the environmental newsgroups have
: > rebutted his meagre arguments time and again.  He's looking
: > for new pastures to spread his lies on.
: >     <_Jym_>

: There were convictions and fines of several million levied in California
: last year, against members of EF! for destruction of equipment, and
: sundried other "non-events" of a criminal nature.
: -- 

  Earth First! claimes to have "renounced violence" as we have seen.
At the same time, you will notice that they refuse to explaing why
EF! still sells and prmotes a book called EcoDefense, that encourages
and explains how to commit acts of sabotage (monkey wrenching) against
innocent workers and business people.
  Many versions of this book have sections enouraging burning, slashing,
and assorted acts of violence.
  The main targets of their terror are the forest industry and
construction industry. 
  The original subject matter of the Headwaters video neglected to
mention that at least one of the groups involved has a history of
terrorist activity. I pointed this out.
  Now they are claiming I am making it all up. Right. 
  Yet, they still sell and promote this information encouraging sabatoge.
  I have no problem with environmental groups who work within the law,
but these types of goons and monkeys who attempt to force their illusions
stink. And, they are the kinds of cockroaches who crawl around in the
dark "monkey wrenching" the equipment of innocent people doing a legal

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