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catherine yronwode cat at luckymojo.com
Fri Sep 5 03:37:01 EST 1997

Mark Shippey wrote:
> Jym Dyer (jym at igc.org) wrote:
> : =o= Mark Shippey continues to dodge questions about the
> : relevance of his postings to Headwaters Forest.  This speaks
> : volumes about the irrelevance of his postings.
> :
> : =o= Could it perhaps be that he has absolutely nothing relevant
> : to say about Headwaters Forest?  If so, should he not spewing
> : his blather under another Subject heading, and in perhaps a more
> : appropriate collection of newsgroups?
> :     <_Jym_>
>   Silly boy. Earth First is directly involved in the Headwaters
> isssue and claims to have "renounced violence" as has been stated
> in this thread.
>   Great. Now..... do they or don't they advertise and promote the
> book "EcoDefense"? And does or does not this book encourage various
> forms of "monkey wrenching" which is the monkey's name for sabotage
> and destruction of various forms of private propery? And is this
> book advertised in the Earth First Journal at times?
>   Tell us about it Jym.
>   And, does this book have various versions that encourage people
> to burn, slash and to use dangerous "punji stakes"? And other
> various forms of so-called "non-violent" actions.
>   Yes Jym some of your "founders" such as Foreman have already
> done time. Too bad more have not. And, other of your founders
> such as "there are no innocent bystanders" Mike Roselle have
> had a hand in forming other radical terrorist groups such as
> the stupid Ruckus Society. A bad history to say the least.
>   But now you have all "renounced violence."
>   Yes, yes, yes, now back to the sabotage handbook EcoDefense.
>   Does Earth First!, a groups invovled with Headwaters still
> promote and sell this book in any way?
>   Tell us all about it.
>   I am all ears.

Mark, you are missing the points folks have been making. Once again: 

1) Earth First's leaders renounced violence years ago. Eareth First
currently holds non-violence training programs before environmental
rallies, such as the upcoming one in Carlotta, California on September

2) Defending Headwaters Forest against the irresponsible clearcutting of
Charles Hurwitz's Maxxam/PL company is not an Earth First issue per se.
Other groups involved include the Sierra Club, Bay Area Coalition for
Headwaters, Mendocino Environmental Center, etc., etc. In addition,
thousands of individuals with no formal group affiliation, such as
myself, will be there. 

I understand that your anger at Earth First is abiding and implacable. I
submit that it is also irrelevant and distracting from the issues. 

Those issues, Mark, are 

1) How shall we engage in sustainable and responsible logging in the
face of pressure from a corporate raider such as Charles Hurwitz?  and 

2) How much virgin redwood forest land in Humboldt County can be set
aside as a wilderness preserve and at what cost to the public? 

catherine yronwode

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