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Fri Sep 5 16:35:57 EST 1997

Mark Shippey wrote:

>   I hate to have to repeat myself but..........
>   Here it is again monkey. In their own words. And this is just
> a sample. Now, tell us, does EF! still sell and promote an updated
> version of this book or not? And does this book contain information
> and instructions about "monkey wrenching" or not? 
>   Too bad more of you jerks did not do time.

Mark, you are missing the point again and again. The issue here is not
some book or some folks who did or did not commit acts of vandalism and
did or did not serve jail time for it. The issue is not about Earth
First at all, it is about ongoing efforts to stop the clearcutting of
the Headwaters Forest and other environmentally sensistive areas,
especially those on steep slopes where debris torrents may result from
removal of canopy and duff, and subsequent earth destabilization. 

Calling people "monkeys" and "jerks" is not germane to these issues.

Again, your anger has been heard. Having vented it one more time, and
having been acknowledged as a very angry man, the fact remains that you
still have not addressed the issues of sustainable logging which are at
the heart of the Headwaters Forest debate. 

I am asking you to discuss the issues. If there is more to your position
than a one-note diatribe against people who are not even in these
newsgroups and whom most of us (myself included) don't even know
personally, then please let us hear it. 

catherine yronwode
The Sacred Landscape: http://www.luckymojo.com/sacredland.html

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