Mark Shippey kprinter at dfw.dfw.net
Fri Sep 5 07:37:02 EST 1997

Jym Dyer (jym at igc.org) wrote:
: > So, I left this paper group in the headers for a few posts to
: > explain some of this and to point out that Earth First! has a
: > history of promoting burning, slashing, etc.
: =o= Can you provide even a shred of evidence that EF! has ever
: actually  done "burning, slashing, etc.?"  If so, I'm sure the
: FBI would be very interested in your evidence, since no such
: evidence has ever turned up.
: =o= No, the real reason Mark Shippey is posting to these
: newsgroups is that folks in the environmental newsgroups have
: rebutted his meagre arguments time and again.  He's looking
: for new pastures to spread his lies on.
:     <_Jym_>

  I hate to have to repeat myself but..........
  Here it is again monkey. In their own words. And this is just
a sample. Now, tell us, does EF! still sell and promote an updated
version of this book or not? And does this book contain information
and instructions about "monkey wrenching" or not? Tell us Jym.
  The idiotic nonsense you are posting above is that EF! goons and
monkeys were not caught and convicted for their crimes. But even
this is a lie, because one of your founders and some of his pals
were caught and convicted.... Dave "EcoDefense" Foreman. 
  Too bad more of you jerks did not do time.

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