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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sat Sep 6 14:23:07 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Don Staples wrote:
> > You reinforce my comments.  I don't know the property involved, nor do I
> > know Horwitz's business acume in forestry.  However, you know as well as
> > I that the EPA will shut him down on stream mismangement, particularly
> > in the Peoples Republic of California.  And my web page indicates my
> > feelings on ownership.  It is indeed stewardship for the future.  But
> > the fact remains, it is private property, not federal or state, and I
> > have to assume that they fulfill the requirements of the California
> > timber laws, or California would shut them down.  I have a client with
> > 3000 acres of second growth redwood that talks my ear off on the
> > requirements to log, and restore, his timber.  The whole question is the
> > right of private ownership, and EF!'ers desire to shut down this piece
> > of private property.  Who's will they choose next?
> >
> Wow, you have a client with 3,000 acres of redwood in Texas? It must be
> priceless. <G>

Damn, your picky!  In California, turkey.  Although, there is a 35 acre
patch of red woods on the Sabine River on the border with Louisianna. 
Doing quite well, even with the Texa heat and bugs.  My client has 3000
acres here that I manage, and my couterpart in California manages that
protion of his holdings.  Never met the othe forester, but have listened
to the woes of California property ownership long enough to appreciate
that non-land owners in California have adversly affected the use of
private property for decades.  I strenuously object to folks demanding
this, that, or the other, without taking the step of being responsible
for this, that or the other, through ownership.  They need to pay the
expense, as well as the respect.
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