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Don Staples wrote:
> D. Braun wrote:
> >
> > On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Don Staples wrote:

> > > 1)  To this date, you and EF!'s have failed to make any connection 
> > > to the Headwaters and to a corporate raider.  You talk alot about 
> > > it, but [...]

> > Maxxam, headed by Hurwitz, bought the holdings of Pacific 
> > Lumber, ofwhich Headwaters is part, using questionable finances 
> > (junkbonds?-- maybe someone could fill in those facts).  What is 
> > undisputed is that Hurwitz' activities (whether it was this 
> > particular sale, or another, I'm not sure about) led to the failure 
> > of a S&L, costing the taxpayers several billion $. 

> I still fail to see conviction of a crime, I see a business that you
> dont like, doing business in a way you dont like.  Stick to the truth
> rather that the ecofreaks half truths.  Even your last statement
> indicates your devious methods "IF" covers a lot factual
> misrepresentation.

Hurwitz is under indictment. His next court date on the S&L charges is
September 22nd, in Texas. This is a week after the Headwaters
demnstration scheduled for Carlotta, California on September 14th. 

> > > it seems immaterial since it is still in PRIVATE ownership.  that
> > > ownership is headed by an individual who you declare a coorporate 
> > > raider in order to demean his ownership [...]

> > No, its simply a fact.  One can debate whether corporate raiding is 
> > good or bad; however, Hurwitz also caused the collapse of an S&L due 
> > to his "raiding", costing us all billions of $. The Feds are still 
> > looking in to it, I believe

The term "corporate raider" is one that is commonly accepted and its
meaning is well known. Hurwitz has acquired several companies via
hostile take-over, leveraged by junk bonds. He is not being called that
to "demean" his ownership but rather to point out his form of business

> Hurwitz may have caused the collapse of an S&L, again no convictions 
> or serious federal actions against him.  

Wrong. Serious federal actions against him are currently on the docket.
As i mentioedn above, he will next be appearing to testify on September

> > IMHO, the feds should simply sieze Pacific 
> > Lumber's(Maxxam's) property and add the pristine acreage to Redwoods 
> > National Park, to pay us all back for the bailout (robbery of our 
> > tax $) to fix the S&L he busted. Sounds fair to me. [...]
> Ah, good communist thought there, sieze the sucker, for the better 
> good of the people, to hell with private ownership.  To hell with due 
> process in that the man, or the company, has not been convicted, just 
> charged.

Actually, this proposal -- a swap of the land for the 2.5 billion
dollars he is charged with obtaining by fraud from the U. S.
government-- has been talked about openly for years. It is not a
"communist" idea nor is it intended as a violation fo "private
ownership." There have been feelers made on behalf of the government and
Hurwitz about the possibility of negotiating this swap as a partial
payment for his fine, if he is found guilty. I believe that if Hurwitz
feels he will do serious jail time, he may well negotiate such a deal. 

> No, I as a forester, and unlike you, don't comment on somethings
> conditions without actually evaluating the site.  I cannot tell you if
> there are residual groves of the big timber scattered among second
> growth or if there is 3000 acres of the big trees.  It remains not my
> position to try and tell any one on how to manage there property,
> private property particularly.

As far as i know, there is no dispute from any side -- including
Hurwitz's -- that the groves are indeed virgin timber. Casting doubt on
this because you have not seen it personally is quixotic at best and
diversionary at worst. PL acknowledges Headwaters Forest to be virgin
timber. 'Nuff said. 

> > > If you want to set the Headwaters aside
> > > fro a wilderness preserve, please feel free to purchase this 
> > > private tract, and do with it as you will.  That way, it wont cost 
> > > the public anything.

This is certainly an option that is being seriously discussed among
environmentalists. The problem is, if Hurwitz clearcuts it all, there
will be nothing left to buy. He has not offered it for sale, but again,
events in his federal trial may prompt some motion on his part. The real
danger is that the entire forest will come down before any negotiations
can be done. 

Once again, for those interested in the history of Charles Hurwitz,
there is a page that details his corporate history -- and offers a
reward for information leading to his conviction. The URL is

I am not associated with that web site in any way, but it is pretty
interesting reading, some of it hot-headed and some of it more
journalistic documentary research. 

catherine yronwode
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