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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Sep 9 04:36:38 EST 1997

Mark Shippey wrote:

>   Oh come on........
>   This is funny as hell. For decades now, the radical fringe of the
> environmental movment has literally demonized various companies and
> individuals...... to the point where nuts like Earth First! promotes
> actual assualts against the property of these companies and
> individuals with books such as EcoDefense.

Yes, Earth First is the radical fringe of the environmental movement.
But you have demonized the entire enviromental movement with your
"environut" terminology. But without those commy environuts, the air and
water and food of this nation would be much filthier. And the filth came
from those glorious flag waving companies that you love so much, who you
feel shouldn't be demonized for poisoning us. The same companies who
will move to Mexico at the drop of a hat and have you and millions of
others in the unemployment lines. And when their oversees assests are
endangered by some commies, they'll draft your sons and daughters to
protect those assetts which shouldn't be oversees in the first place.
But you won't mind sacrificing your children.

Like the tobacco companies who said tobacco is not a health hazzard. And
the auto companies who said it's impossible to produce a car that won't
pollute the air, until the Japanese showed how to do it. And those pulp
and paper companies that have destroyed countless rivers in America. And
our wonderful Pentagon that has severely polluted the land around many
of it's bases with vast amounts of toxic waste. And near where I live,
in Pittsfield Mass., General Electric not only severely polluted the
local river, but half the ground under the city is severely polluted
with PCB's, especially under some playgrounds and schools. And when
"environuts" bitched about this for years, GE said that was nonsense.
But now it comes out that it's true and the GE high officials have know
about this for decades.

So, I don't justify Earth First spiking trees if it will hurt someone,
but we need some people on the fringes to get attention, because the
less aggressive environmentalists have been FUCKING IGNORED FOR DECADES

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