Ideas for an Agroforestry project wanted.

Steve Mitten stephen_mitten at
Tue Sep 9 15:29:07 EST 1997

I would really appreciate some good leads for
economically/socially/environmentally sustainable Agroforestry projects. 
Ideally, I would like to demonstrate the economic viability of a mixture of
commercially attractive trees, and shorter rotations commercial crops.  

I have been developing/financing/marketing/managing  forestry projects in
Chile for 8 years now, and am very familiar with the economics and
logistics of growing/harvesting/selling mixed native hardwoods.  I would
like to identify some compatible shade tolerant crops with commercial

Alternatively, I would be interested in ideas for a tropical site, if the
basic numbers look good.

I think Agroforesty has tremendous potential for improving overall forest
management and land utilization, but I need more info on the "Agro" side.

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