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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Sep 9 14:21:14 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

> Did the local environuts spike the lines for GE, ruin equipment, attempt
> to destroy jobs of the employees?  No. They were responsible
> protestors.  Slowly, we can change the way things are, if we start to
> demonize and propagandize every action, then we help no one, even our
> selves.

Actually the enviros protested for 20 years that GE was poisoning the
land and the river and the GE officials swore up and down that it was a
big lie by those commy environuts and ecofreaks (who were very polite
and didn't damage any equipment). Now, if thise ecofreaks HAD damaged
some GE equipment, maybe the issue would have come to a head quicker and
the city of Pittsfield wouldn't have to figure out what to do with
poisoned playgrounds and schoolyards. And the cancer rate in Pittsfield
is twice the national average due to this pollution. I bet those folks
dying of cancer wish there had been MORE ecofanaticlunaticommies. <G>
Actually most of the folks of Pittsfield, who used to work at GE, were
AGAINST all the talk from those long haired unshaven dope smoking
ecofagotts- because GE had the best jobs in the area; until GE found out
it could move it's jobs oversees thanks to NAFTA and GATT. They shut
down the plant and layed off 12,000 people. Viva capitalism! Viva the
stock market! Fuck the commoners. Who cares if the crime rate and
suicide rate and alcholism rates and wife beating goes up due to
poverty, we rich folk will live in our enclosed upper crust
neighborhoods with armed guards.

Oh, well, back to the virgin redwoods. My thoughts on that are that
trees that have been around for thousands of years shouldn't be turned
into toothpicks and redwood decks. More than 90% however have already
been converted. Why not leave the rest? The feds should buy up the rest
at fair market prices- actually pay double so the owners will have
nothing to complain about. If we gave up one B2 bomber we could afford
all the remaining virgin timber in America. And since B2 bombers were
designed for one purpose only, to destroy the Soviet Union, I think we
could live with one less. As it is now we keep investing in such stupid
military items only because of the immense power of certain Senators as
a form of welfare for their districts, while those same Senators cheer
how wonderful it is that we are finally going to able to stop those
"urban" bums who've been getting those $300/month checks for

I don't know enought about the details of this particular situation to
comment further.

Anyways, this has been an interesting thread. <G>

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