deer problems

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Tue Sep 9 04:20:38 EST 1997

Michael Courtney wrote:
> kats (kats at wrote:
> : i know we are dependent on hunters to keep the deer population down,
> : hmmm, are we dependent on anyone to keep the human population down??
> Abortionists and the murderous people who support them.
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> Michael Courtney, Ph. D.
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No, I think it will be aliens (of the UFO variety). They're going to
prey on us in a managed way. In their universities they study how to do
this. How to harvest the "crop" on a sustained yield basis. They are
selective in how they do this. They first look for lawyers, then
Republican Senators, then stock brokers.

Abortion won't work as there are not too many conservatives who love to
blow up abortionists offices.

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