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catherine yronwode cat at luckymojo.com
Wed Sep 10 04:37:24 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:
>...your pitiful attempts to demonize Hurwitz because you
> disagree with him and his company.  Your self-serving pap is cold.  
> Your propaganda is old.  

No, the conflict bewteen environmentalists and Charles Hurwitz is not an
attempt to "demonize him, nor is it "propaganda. Above all, it is not
"old." It is today's news. This stuff is happening right now. Calling it
"old" is a weak rhetorical device that cannot succeed because the
Headwaters issues are in the news right now. The video that started this
thread is being shown on television, both public access and
PBS-affiliated stations throughout California this week. 

Maybe this is not a hot item in Texas where you live -- but here in
California, where the situation is taking place, the proposed logging of
Headwaters is very much in people's minds. The lawsuit against Maxxam
recently filed by one of the company's own long-time loggers, in which
he charges the company with ordering worers to violating state logging
laws is cause enough for a close examination of the issues here. 

Meanwhile, the marbeled murrellet nesting season officially ends
September 15th -- which clears the way for the renewed logging of the
ancient groves. The rally in Carlotta on September 14th will attract
thousands of demonstrators, just as the previous one did last year. In
the time since last year's big rally, a "boycott old growth redwood"
campaign has gotten off the ground (and it was not started by Earth
Firsters, lest you and Mark Shippey should impugn it with an
"eco-terrorist" label). 

There is a lot of activity in the news concerning Headwaters Forest --
and the only "old propaganda" i have seen has come from you, with your
truly lame anti-communist rhetoric ('The People's republic of
California," indeed!), and Mark Shippey, with his continual
regurgitation of some dumb manual about tree-spiking that came out ten
years ago.  

> And your boring attempt to defend and idolize
> EF!'ers as friends of the world is quaint, but false.

You are barking up the wrong tree, Don. This is NOT about Earth First.
That was Mark Shippey's diversion. 

This is -- and always has been -- about the logging of Headwaters
Forest. Look the issues in the eye for once and stop hiding behind your
tired catch-phrases and hate-mongering. 

What i am saying is that the current federal and state guidelines that
allow clearcutting on steep slopes in the West must stop because the
subsequent loss of topsoil due to heavy seasonal rains has a history of
leading to environmental collapse. 

What i am saying is that unless the laws are changed, Charles Hurwitz --
who is a desperate man, due to the legal battles he is fighting with the
federal govenment on charges of defrauding the tax payers of billions of
dollars -- will log one of the few remaining stands of old-growth
redwood forests now in private lands in attempt to raise mnoney, before
buyers can be found to save it. 

What i am saying is that if everyone who reads this comes to Carlotta,
California, on September 14th for the rally to stop the clearcutting of
Headwaters, our federal or state govenment may take notice of the
situation and place a moratorium on the destruction of the old-growth
groves until some negotiated way to preserve the land can be set in

This is not propaganda. This is not demonizing. It is a call to action,
pure and simple. 

catherine yronwode

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