Headwaters Forest Video Available

David Underwood davidlkayp at nospam.earthlink.net
Wed Sep 10 01:08:25 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:

> As far as riparian protection, I don't know what the law is in California,
> but would be surprised if there was none.  For private land, clearcutting
> is usually a better way of managing the forest than highgrading,
> euphemisitcally referred to as "selective logging."  Most high grading
> operations leave stands of diseased and damaged trees, do as much damage
> to wildlife habitat, and much more to ruin the productive value of the
> land.
> -- Larry
Excuse me, but try telling that to the people in Salem Oregon after
their water supply had to be shut down twice last winter because of silt
from clear cutting in the watershaed.  Look at the forest to the west of
Mt. Shasta and see what kind of trees grow there after the topsoil has
eroded away because of clearcutting. Go to any clearcut and look at what
used to be streams and spawning grounds, look at the scrub brush that
grows there now and then come back and tell us how wonderful
clearcutting is.

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