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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Wed Sep 10 11:03:37 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

The Enviromental Coalition of Texas has announced protests at Maxxams
headquaters in Houston, Texas.  Since this is several thousand miles
away from California lands in question, one could suppose that the
effort is coordinated with the protests in California, and while
protests are a good part of the publics ability to speak to government,
why do you suppose that it is taking place within two weeks of the
Hearing in Federal Court over alleged past missdeeds of Hurwitz?
Others take offense to the label propaganda on the efforts of the
protestors.  But, is it not just that, in the true definition of
propaganda, to influence and effect the out come of hearings?

It is interesting that one of the Protestors to show up in Houston is
Woody Harrelson, an actor who has little grounding in environmental
science, much effort in producing and actin in the most violent film in
recent history, and whose father is in prison for killing a federal
judge.  A real wholesome spokesman for the environment.  One who makes
fortunes off of selling gratuitus violence to America, whose family life
as a child was probably filled with the violence often found in families
with violent tendencies, and whose appearance is based on notoriety,
rather than sound environmental science.

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