Headwaters Forest Video Available

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Sep 10 10:44:37 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

> Uh, not to flame, or argue, but, there were sections of whole unlogged
> forests that moved downhill after a series of rain that were announced
> to be of the once in 500 year variety.  El Nino, as well as pooly timed
> logging, is also at fault.
> --

In the ancient world, it was the custom when a large public building was
going up to have the architect stand under the keystone (top of the
arch) as it was being installed. So that if the architect didn't design
his building properly, he'd be the first to know as it came crashing
down on his head.

Perhaps the owners of land and the logging bosses should have to camp
out at the bottom of the mountain being logged, so if the hillside came
crashing down they'd be the first to know. <G>

Well, Don, good thing we're highly paid consultants with lots of free
time so we have time to do this "consciousness raising" on the net. <G>

I removed the pulp and paper group from this message as one of those
folks indicated a lack of interest; this stuff is of no interest to the
paper industry as they grind up forests for news and toilet paper. Up
there in Maine they grind up thousands of acres at a whack; and there
aren't any of them dangerous commy whacko ecofreaks up there to bother

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