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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Wed Sep 10 10:42:22 EST 1997

David Underwood wrote:
> > -- Larry
> >
> Excuse me, but try telling that to the people in Salem Oregon after
> their water supply had to be shut down twice last winter because of silt
> from clear cutting in the watershaed.  Look at the forest to the west of
> Mt. Shasta and see what kind of trees grow there after the topsoil has
> eroded away because of clearcutting. Go to any clearcut and look at what
> used to be streams and spawning grounds, look at the scrub brush that
> grows there now and then come back and tell us how wonderful
> clearcutting is.

Uh, not to flame, or argue, but, there were sections of whole unlogged
forests that moved downhill after a series of rain that were announced
to be of the once in 500 year variety.  El Nino, as well as pooly timed
logging, is also at fault.
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