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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Sep 10 07:11:25 EST 1997

eden.wildy wrote:

> Unfortunately, the reason why this has happened is largely due to the so-
> called "less aggressive environmentalists" talking in platitudes and
> presenting little to no hard evidence. Then in frustration the fringe
> element go a little bit nuts and......
> The lesson is that environmentalists must gather presentable data/proof and
> then must gain public support for their protests against practices which are
> detrimental to the environment. Then, and this is the hard bit for most "
> environmentalists", they must present alternatives. Alternatives with less
> environmental impact, but still economically viable. The proof and
> alternatives have to be explained and reasoned - not preached and dogmatic.
> This way the green movement may be seen to be beneficial, and not a bunch of
> zealots running amok with crazy and impractical visions.

Unfortunately, most environmentalists are people of modest means and
little power so it's difficult for them to get the facts. In the case of
General Electric polluting the environemnt in Massachusetts, GE
vigorously denied that this was the case, they claimed they had properly
disposed of their waste PCB's, when in fact they had burried the stuff
all over the city of Pittsfield. The state and federal agencies hadn't
bothered to find out the facts and those agencies with their high paid
bureacuracts had the legal and financial tools to do.

But the facts kept comming out as some worker would mention how he
remember trucking some of that poison to a landfill; then GE would deny
this. Then the cancer rates went up and the enviros said this must be
due to the PCB's, and GE denied it. But recently the facts came out that
GE knew all along that they had burried thousands of tons of this poison
under the city. The top execs knew this! How the hell were the enviros
to get the facts? The enviros tend to be poor college students, humble
bird watchers and butterly collectors. When the rich corporation denies
the truth and the bureaucrats don't do their job?

Perhaps if our government enviro agencies actually protected us from the
poisoners, the land rapers- the "environuts" would have no "raison

If it weren't for the enviro movement's aggressive efforts there would
be no air and water protection laws on the books; because corporate
America never wanted these laws. Would you like to go back to the days
of filthy water and air? Of course we still have filthy water and air in
America, but it would have been worse.

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