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Don Staples wrote:
> The Enviromental Coalition of Texas has announced protests at Maxxams
> headquaters in Houston, Texas.  Since this is several thousand miles
> away from California lands in question, one could suppose that the
> effort is coordinated with the protests in California, and while
> protests are a good part of the publics ability to speak to 
> government, why do you suppose that it is taking place within two 
> weeks of the Hearing in Federal Court over alleged past missdeeds of 
> Hurwitz?

I don't "suppose," i KNOW why. There is no "co-ordination" here, Don,
just a co-incidence. The federal court case date was set by the Federal
Government. The date of the large yearly rally at Headwaters has
coincided every year for three years now with the official end of the
Marbeled Murrelet nesting season, which is set at September 15th by the
agencies responsible for determining such things. When the nesting
season is over, logging can begin, hence the largest demonstration and
protest of the year has occured on that day -- or the nearest weekend.
This year the 15th is a Mionday, hence the big rally will take place on
September 14th. Protests will continue therafter -- last year they went
on for two months. 

> It is interesting that one of the Protestors to show up in Houston is
> Woody Harrelson, an actor who has little grounding in environmental
> science, much effort in producing and actin in the most violent film 
> in recent history, and whose father is in prison for killing a federal
> judge.  A real wholesome spokesman for the environment.  One who makes
> fortunes off of selling gratuitus violence to America, whose family 
> life as a child was probably filled with the violence often found in 
> families with violent tendencies, and whose appearance is based on 
> notoriety, rather than sound environmental science.

I think you are speaking out of turn here. Many people come from
unfortunate families and transcend them. You don't know this man at all.
Your remarks are out of place. 

More to the point, Woody Harrelson is only one of more than 10,000
people involved in these protests. If you want to look at famous people
who have appeared at the Headwaters rallies, look at the Grammy award
winning singer Bonnie Raitt, who showed up with her father John Raitt,
the great musical comedy baritone ("Okalhoma!" "Pajama Game,"
"Carousel," "Man of La Mancha"), her brother David Raitt, her sister in
law, and their children. The whole family stepped over the line and got
arrested at the big demonstration last year. It's in the video that
started this thread. Check it out. 

Another supporter of Headwaters is the actor James Garner. The list goes
on and on. 

It's not really important to focus on the private life of any one person
who is working to save Headwaters Forest. The celebrities may draw
attention to the issues, but the thousands of people who don't want to
see the oldest living privately owned forest on the planet cut up for
patio decks encompass the broadest spectrum of humanity. There are
liberals and conservatives, radicals, and non-political persons; old and
young; rich and poor; urban, suburban, and rural; students, executives,
career loggers and foresters, politicians and housewives; religious and
agnostic; famous and obscure; healthy and athletic, disabled and dying;
and in short a sampling of folks from all walks of life. YOU could join
us. You'd have to take the non-violence training first, of course, and
bring your own camping euipment and food, but here are directions: 

Take Highway 101 north from San Francisco about 240 miles up to Highway
36 between Scotia and Fortuna. Go right on Highway 36 East five miles to
Carlotta. The rally will be held near the Pacific Lumber mill in
Carlotta. Travel time from San Francisco -- 5 hours. 

The rally begins at noon and is expected to last about five hours.
Rather than drive up starting at 7:00 a.m., you might want to come on
Saturday and camp over night at Stafford, a 15 minute drive from
Carlotta, where a friend of Headwaters has donated an unimproved
campsite. Toilets and water will be provided and some food is being
donated, but bring your own camping gear and leave all dogs at home. 

All participants in the rally must follow a non-violence code: (1) No
verbal or physical abuse. (2) No destruction of property. (3) No illegal
drugs or alcohol. (4) No firearms. 

No one will face arrest unless they choose to do so. (Last year 1,033
people chose to be arrested.)

To coordinate carpool rides from the Bay Area contact
Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (510) 835-6303

For further information contact 
Mendocino Environmental Center (707) 468-1660

catherine yronwode
The Sacred Landscape: http://www.luckymojo.com/sacredland.html

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