RESULT: sci.forestry.misc & misc.industry.wood-products.misc both fail

Neil Crellin neilc at
Fri Sep 12 00:33:29 EST 1997

     moderated group misc.industry.wood-products.misc fails 78:34
            moderated group sci.forestry.misc fails 73:33

 Yes  No  | 2/3 >100 | Pass | Group
---- ---- | --- ---- | ---- | -------------------------------------------
  78   34 | Yes   No |   No | misc.industry.wood-products.misc
  73   33 | Yes   No |   No | sci.forestry.misc

There were 117 valid votes and 2 invalid ballots.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES
and NO) votes.  There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.
Unless serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the
groups may not be voted on again for six months.

Newsgroups lines:
misc.industry.wood-products.misc	Lumber and engineered wood products. (Moderated)
sci.forestry.misc	Forestry, silviculture, and related topics. (Moderated)

The voting period closed at 23:59:59 UTC, 10 Sep 1997.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: David L. Vessell <david.vessell at>
Votetaker: Neil Crellin <neilc at>

RATIONALE: misc.industry.wood-products.misc

There is no newsgroup at all for the discussion of lumber and engineered
wood products, such as oriented strand board (OSB), plywood, particleboard,
composite materials (such as cement-pulp roofing materials), and recycled
paper products that do not take the form of paper, such as cellulose
insulation.  A handful of groups are vaguely related, such as
sci.engr.manufacturing and sci.materials, and one existing group,
misc.industry.pulp-and-paper, actually should be moved under the
misc.industry.wood-products hierarchy.

In both cases, more and more professionals are gaining access to the
Internet in these two fields.  Already, nearly all major timber and wood
products companies have presences on the World Wide Web and are quickly
moving towards adoption of the Internet at large.

RATIONALE: sci.forestry.misc

Sci.forestry.misc is for the discussion of any topics related to the
management and/or cultivation of trees, including forestry, silviculture
(cultivation of trees for industry), and urban forestry.  There are
currently no existing newsgroups specifically for forestry except for one,
bionet.agriforestry, which is in a minor hierarchy.  Other existing
newsgroups may be related, such as sci.agriculture or sci.environment, but
neither are well suited for forestry discussions.  Most people don't think
of forestry when they think of agriculture, and sci.environment is a poor
forum for such discussions because of the politically-charged atmosphere.

CHARTER: misc.industry.wood-products.misc

The newsgroup misc.industry.wood-products.misc is an moderated
newsgroup for the discussion of lumber and engineered wood products.  Wood
products manufacturers have long been a core of the national economy, and
in recent years, increasing restrictions on timber management have led the
wood products industry to reevaluate its markets and products.  A large
portion of those new products involve engineered wood products made from
lower-grade, less controversial, and second-growth timber, including
oriented strand board (OSB), plywood, particleboard, cellulose insulation,
and composite materials where wood fiber is combined with non-wood
materials, such as cement.  This newsgroup serves the producers and
consumers of these types of products.  This newsgroup is not for attacking
the morality, ethics, and/or politics of other readers, and participants
may be barred from the newsgroup through moderation.  Aside from that
(hopefully) rare situation, the group is moderated for prevention of
crossposting only.


CHARTER: sci.forestry.misc

The newsgroup sci.forestry.misc is an moderated newsgroup for the
discussion of forestry and silviculture, two related sciences involving the
cultivation and maintenance of forests.  This newsgroup serves all branches
of forestry, and encourages the fostering of good relations between
government, environmental activists, and commercial interests.  This
newsgroup is not for attacking the morality, ethics, or politics of other
readers, and participants who habitually flame and/or verbally abuse other
readers may be barred from the newsgroup through moderation.  Aside
from that (hopefully) rare situation, the group is moderated for
prevention of crossposting only.


MODERATOR INFO: misc.industry.wood-products.misc

Moderator: "David L. Vessell" <david.vessell at>
Administrative contact address: david.vessell at
Article submission address: nntpwood1 at


MODERATOR INFO: sci.forestry.misc

Moderator: "David L. Vessell" <david.vessell at>
Administrative contact address: david.vessell at
Article submission address: nntpforestry1 at



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sci.forestry.misc and misc.industry.wood-products.misc Final Voter list

                                                        sci.forestry.misc ----+
                                         misc.industry.wood-products.misc ---+|
barrie.may at                                           Barrie May YY
C.Garland at                                 Carl Paptrick Garland YY
H.Greaves at                                         Harry Greaves YN
Kron.Aken at                                             Kron Aken YY
Malcolm.Hall at                                       Malcolm Hall YY
AntonyG at                                         George Antony YY
BrooksSJ at                                   Simon Brooks YY
jasmine at                                             Jasmine Taylor NN
npederse at                                       Nadine Pedersen YY
crleech at                                      Colin Leech YY
tmiller at                                                 Tom Miller YY
mcintosh at                                           John McIntosh YY
chriseb at                                             Chris Ebenezer NN
paxil at                                            Trevor Tymchuk YY
jmcgarry at                                           James McGarry YY
zimmmt at                                        Mike Zimmerman YY
BOBNDWOODS at                                          Robert J. Miller YY
Drremer at                                                  David Remer YY
eandn at                                                    Jim Ruzicka YY
GECross at                                               GRACE E. CROSS YY
HTHALLJR at                                                  Tracy Hall YY
joffc at                                                  Joffrey Cowan YY
rwurth at                                                   R. T. Wurth NN
stainles at                                                Dwight Brown NN
zed at                                               Ned Fleming YY
angus1 at                                                 Cleo Kiernan Y-
booda at                                           Martin H. Booda NN
lcs at                                                  Larry Smith NN
guymacon at                                              Guy Macon --
debaird at                                            Donald E. Baird YY
rtells at Flora.Com                                                RT Ellsberry -Y
redoak at                                       Joseph Zorzin YY
curtis_whalen at                           Curtis (Jewell) Whalen YY
bjv at                                               B.J. Herbison NN
boychuk at                                          Dennis Boychuk YY
ndallen at                                             Nigel Allen YY
woodtick at                                       Ronald D. Wenrich YY
chuckhoffmann at                                  Chuck Hoffmann NN
kwattles at                                         Kirk Wattles NN
olav at                                           Olav Nieuwejaar NN
dougob at                                            Doug O'Brien NN
pilgmoss at                                          Barry Pilger YY
steve_c at                                      Steven L. Collins YY
dcampbell at                                     Duncan Campbell Y-
garstang at                                              J. Garstang YY
nch at                                                  Nick Hatch YY
gaillard at                                               Ed Gaillard NN
jrm at                                                     John Mudd YY
jimrtex at                                               Jim Riley NN
steiners at                                          Jason Steiner NN
stamper at                                            Chris Stamper YY
waghorne at                                        Ken Waghorne YY
cohen at                                         Jeffrey David Cohen NN
notivol at                                          Eduardo Notivol YY
ralf at                                          Ralf W. Stephan YY
euthke at                                            Ekkehard Uthke NY
thomasm at                               Thomas Mechtersheimer YY
abo at                                              Anne Bjerring Olesen Y-
pfo at                                                     Peter Folting Y-
rt at                                                   Ronny Torgilsson Y-
shap.wolf at                                                  Shap Wolf YY
forags at                                  Al Stangenberger -Y
jleblanc at                                 John W. LeBlanc YY
harmanc at                                       Robert Craig Harman NN
HARVEY at INDYVAX.IUPUI.EDU                                        James Harvey YY
ccron at                                              Ron Neely YY
patl at                                         Patrick J. LoPresti NN
nospammity at spam.Stanford.EDU                                     Keith Payne YY
rick at                                              Richard Miller NN at                               Jason Smith Y-
ilana at                                              Ilana Stern -Y
bturner at                                         Bill Turner YY
esw at                                         Steven R. Shook YY
jamartin at                                         Julio A. Martin NY
widenius at                                     Risto Widenius NN
jpatokal at                                           Jani Patokallio YY
jpfe at                                                         jpfe YY
jpc at                                       J. Porter Clark YY
mrsl at                          Umberto G. M. TAMBURINI Y-
HHC01426 at                                 Hitoshi_Oishibashi YY
matuli_a at                                Alex Matulich YY
whiting at                                          Matthew S. Whiting YY
msoysal at                               Mustafa Soysal MS57 NN
ellis at                                                    Rick Ellis YY
nospam at                                             Jules Dubois NY
vpdura at                                                   Vic Dura YY
jmalina at                                        Jo Ann Malina NN
iclark at                                                   Ivan Clark NN
rjohnston at                                         Ralph Johnston YY
dstaples at                                          Don Staples YY
jsendra at                                              Jordi Sendra -Y
tonyb at                                                  Tony Basoglu NN
mhagen at                                             Michael Hagen YY
newkirk at                                         Newkirk L. Johnson NN
wakelyn at                                               N. T. Wakelyn NN
petebaum at                                       Peter Baumgarten Y-
sebastian.bork at                                        Sebastian Bork NN
irina at                                            Irina Rempt YY
boud at                                         Boudewijn Rempt YY
cfbd at                                         Colin Douthwaite NN
snanz at                                                Chris French YN
pappss at                                                Simon Papps YY
tlawson at                                              Todd C. Lawson NN
rufinus at                                               J Rufinus YY
Epilepsy.Hamilton at                                      Craig Burley NN
forestis at               Sergio Manuel Bento Ferreira Marabuto YY
bro at                                                       Bo R.nnstedt Y-
afp055 at                                             M.C.Ng'andwe YN
GJL at                                              Gerry Lawson YY
n.wiseman at                                       Nicholas WISEMAN YY
haughton at                                       STEELE HAUGHTON YY
dahl at                                            Dahl Nelson YY
Will at                                        Will Anderson YY
balloon at                                  Malcolm Loades YY
bill.macdonald at                                  Bill MacDonald NN
garethy at                                          Gareth Young N-
michael at                               Michael Parry YY

Invalid ballots
larryc at                                              Larry Caldwell
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red at                                                               Red
    ! Invalidated for vote fraud - distribution of preformatted ballots

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