Forestry Censorship...

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Sep 12 14:29:58 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> Forestmeister (love that name;  reminds me of the Cradle of Forestry at
> Builtmore):

Well, I once worked with an eldery state forester who had gone to some
sort of BIG meeting of SAF and other such folks in Prussia. They sat in
a theatre waiting for a speach by a real high falutin German Prussian
Forestmeister, who came out with the high boots, a cape, a feathered
cap, a monocle, the works- a real aristocrat, who looked down at the
sloppy Americans in their flannel shirts and blue jeans. Not that I
consider myself an aristocrat, just my sense of self mockery. Another
time I was visiting a landowner here in Mass. and the owner had visitors
from Germany, who were VERY impressed that I was a forester. Like I was
some kind of celebrity. I began to think I ought to move to the
Deutchland- where I'd be rich and famous; whereas here in Mass.,
foresters are thought of more as unskilled labor and paid that way-
hence my domain name! <G>

> > There are no other forestry newsgroups- this is it for planet
> >Earth
> I understand that there are several proposed forestry newsgroups to be
> approved (I think through Stanford) but I did not understand the process of
> voting.  Maybe someone can enlighten this group to that process.

They got voted down with only 2/3 in favor! Doesn't make much sense,
does it?

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