Pinus Nigra Pollen Diameter?

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Do any of you have access to any of the sources listed below?

We're trying to find the pollen diameter of Pinus nigra for inclusion in a
report we're making to a client with a population of Austrian Pines near
the intake to their air handling system...

Wilson RW, McQuilkin WE. 1963. Silvical characteristics of eastern White
Pine. USDA Forest Service, NE Forest Exp. Sta. Res. Pap. NE-13

Ting WS. 1966. Determination of Pinus species by pollen statistics. Berkley
& Los Angeles: Univ Calif. Publ. in Geological Sciences vol 58, :183

Stanley RG. 1958. Methods and concepts applied to a study of flowering in
pine. In: The physiology of forest trees, Thimann KV, New York: Ronald
Press, 583-599

Shaw GR. 1914. The Genus Pinus. Cambridge MA: Arnold Arbor Pub. No. 5,
Harvard University

Lewis J. 1986. The genus Pinus. Int. Denrol. Soc. Year Book 1985: 76-84.

Jiang H, Wang K, Zhang Y. 1986. Morphological character of Pinus pollen and
its implication. Wuhan Bot. Res. 4(1):17-26

Ferguson MC. 1904. Contributions to the knowledge of the life history of
Pinus with special reference to sporogenesis, the development of the
gameophyts and fertilization. Proc. Wash. Acad. Sci. 6:1-202

Buell MF. 1947. Mass dissemination of pine pollen. J. Elisha Mitchell Sci.
Soc. 63:163-167.

Thanking you in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.


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