Forestry Censorship...

Jostnix jostnix at
Fri Sep 12 07:32:51 EST 1997

>There is no censorship here as nobody controls this group except whoever
>owns your news server. 

Thanks forestmeister.  I just had this paranoid moment last nite and have
not seen several recent posts several hours after posting.  I have a
legitimate forestry forum and wanted to make it available. (whew)

  >Say what? This group has very little spam.

I subscribe to AOL and hate their newsgroup format.  I had no idea it
would look any different from what others might see. I am seeing this kind
of stuff as I write (and remember that 8 million..not including
Compuserve.. are seeing what I see) 

<Do This and you will be RICH$$$> No Scam
$$$$$EASY MONEY$$$$$
****Cable Box Descrambler*****

and on and on.  Nearly one third of posts are like this.  Somehow I was
under the impression that someone monitors this stuff.  Guess I will try my
Prodigy newsgroup.  Any suggestions as to favorites?

Sorry for the frustrated first post.

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John Stephen Nix
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