Forestry Censorship...

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Sep 12 04:26:30 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> This newsgroup is being heavily censored.  I have a very applied,
> sponcered forestry site and it is being deleted by whoever is in charge of
> this site.  It only lasts hours on this newsgroup.

There is no censorship here as nobody controls this group except whoever
owns your news server. I noticed on my newserver, only the last 40-50
messages are retained before they're deleted. On your news server the
ageing process may be faster. Nobody is deleting any messages- except
YOUR news server.

> I have never seen as much spam in my life on this site and then to delete
> legit forestry.  Who is the leader here and I would like to talk to you
> about how you filter forestry sites?

Say what? This group has very little spam. Again, maybe your news server
is picking up stuff the rest of us aren't seeing, but I'd say less than
5% of the messages here are true spam. Unless you consider all the
political ranting here as spam. <G>

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