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Don Staples dstaples at
Fri Sep 12 22:18:44 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> Ok, more Abbot-Costello, Lewis-Martin...we need real answers to
> why votes on FORESTRY newsgroups fail. <grin>

I agree.  Yet the first I saw of the run to vote on the news groups was
just a few days before the vote was totalled and called a defeat.  I did
not know it to have been defeated until Joseph noted it the last few
> You two are obviously the Clinton-Gore of this newsgroup.  Hey, just foolin.
Hey, Abbot-Costello, Lewis-Martin, thats all right, but Clinton-Gore? 
Those clowns cant get anything right!

> I have learned lots from the Forestmeister the last 24 hours and he has a
> handle on the issues (I worked for an ACF group for five years - Resource
> Management Service - just out of college).  Can you explain why anyone
> would vote against a new forestry newsgroup.  Politics? Ignorance?
> Stupidity?...and we have to wait another 6 months to vote! and how do you vote?

This is all a mystery to me as well, and I would appreciate some answer
to it.  I suspect that web servers are not picking up all there is to
it.  The vote seemed to be well played on the east coast, and got
thinner as it went west.  Does any one know if the vote was even
announced on the Left Coast?  (Sorry, can't help a little dig every now
and then)
> Keep this issue alive, PLEASE...
> "Forestry at The Mining Company"
> PS: I, too, am tired of agriculture trying to horn in on forestry.
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