Forestry Censorship...

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Sep 13 17:33:51 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:

> I suspected that would happen.  Bionet.agroforestry doesn't have anywhere
> near enough traffic to spawn a new group.  I've been involved in newgroup
> creation before, and if you don't have enough readers to generate 100 posts
> a day, a newgroup probably won't pass.

Unless it were put into the alt groups- like, alt.forestry or whatever.
Although many of the alt groups are pretty silly, there are some good
ones. So this is an option. I'm for it if anyone else is. Actually I
think one forestry group is fine except for the name. Maybe it should be
alt.forestry.Caldwell.Staples.Zorzin. <G>

> My wife and I were just talking about this yesterday.  The gap between the
> urban world and the rural world has become a vast chasm.  Urban people
> have no interest in rural concerns, and don't understand rural issues.
> It's hard to even find a forum for discussion or rural topics.  Agriculture
> groups are dominated by backyard gardeners, and even the most ardent
> ecofreak never considers actually doing any forestry.

True, but there must be several thousand professional foresters in the
world and several thousand loggers and countless sawmills and infinite
numbers of forestry bureaucrats- and all the landowners- and all those
evil ecofreaks- I just think most of these folks just don't know about
this group- possibly that agro term in there is misleading them. On some
newsgroup search engines, entering the term "forestry" doesn't find this
group! Those who know about this group should tell everyone they know
about how exciting it is here. <G> This is the place- the focal point of
world forest mgt. Where the elite of the elite hang out. The men will
stop watching their favorite sports teams on TV and the women will drop
their soap operas to rush over here and find out our solutions to the
major problems of the planet. The professors will mandate that their
best grad students visit here to learn our wisdom. All cynicism aside.

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