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Sun Sep 14 14:26:22 EST 1997

Bill McDonald:

>I voted No

One honest person.  He explains his position and I honor that.  But we
have to get away from this agriculture thing and honor the forestry
profession.  This group would be dead without forestry input and that is
reason enough to start a new sci.forestry.  I can't believe the
"agriculture hiarchy theory". Bull feathers.

>Most of what is discussed relates to North America and I don't
>know enough about the issues to comment

Are people without a forestry interest voting? Aint life great. <grin>

> I
>started off with the opinion that creating new groups would fragment

Not only would it fragment would make it obsolete.

>The ones that have few posts seem to become a
>feeding ground for SPAM.

This is definately a possibility.  I see enough spam on
bionet.agroforestry.  I still think forestry can pull its weight with 10
million forest landowners in the balance and quickly becoming
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