Just purchased 120 acres

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sun Sep 14 11:23:51 EST 1997

Forest Olivier wrote:
> Hi, I just bought 120 acres in Louisiana along the Tangipahoa River.  The
> land has been mostly clear cut about 3 years ago.  I intend to replant it
> and also use for recreation (fishing, hunting, playing).
> I'm looking for recommendations concerning trees to plant also natural
> forage to plant and keep up for wildlife.  I would like to realize a profit
> on timber sales for the future (my retirement or for my young sons).

Much depends on soils and locations.  If you have bottem land, plant to
hardwoods, cypress, ash, oaks, what ever is availeble in your neckof the
woods.  If upland, go with loblolly pines, intersparced perhaps with
some upland hardwoods.  If you are looking only for the future income,
plant all to pine,most money in the shortest period of time.  But, not
real pleasing to look at and walk through.  Get a local forester to look
at it for you.  Put about four 1/4 acre food plots to get started, go
with extension service planting guides.  Scatter the food plots out, and
fence, if there are cows on the tract.

A consulting forester first, or a state forester if no one else

This is quick and dirty, so look to local help.

Ego Stroke:  http://www.livingston.net/dstaples/

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