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Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Sep 14 09:45:41 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> I did a forester survey on forest at listserv and asked what books they would
> recommend as a must read.  Go see what they said;  I slipped in a few I
> liked because I did the survey.  Look up at:
> Let me know what you would add...

My favorite forestry book is "Walden Pond" by H.D. Thoreau. Any forester
who can't think at that level about the relationship of the forest and
the rest of nature and that weird 2 legged creature Homo Sapiens
shouldn't be in the woods. Unfortunately, it is NOT required reading in
forestry schools as it is still too revolutionary for such an
conservative profession- even here in "The People's Republic of
Massachusetts". On my web site I have "culled" my favorite parts of his
magnificent book. I consider him my metaphysical guru. Forestry is a lot
more than just chainsaws, board feet and deer meet. From my "Guru" page
you can download the entire book! Then contemplate it while meditating
under those redwoods- before the skidders show up. <G>
"The ONLY forester's web page in the otherwise sophisticated state of

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