Proposed: alt.forestry

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Sun Sep 14 04:04:56 EST 1997

Proposed: alt.forestry

Proposed description:  Discussion of forestry related topics. (unmoderated)

Reason:  There is no forum for discussion of forestry on usenet.  The only
group that comes close is bionet.agroforestry, which has been hosting 
discussions of forestry topics not covered under agroforestry.

Proposed Charter:  Appropriate topics include discussion of forest management
including techniques of harvest, erosion control, replanting, fertilization,
brush control, wildlife management and multiple use considerations.  
Discussions of forestry politics and economics are also appropriate.

Heated discussion is appropriate as long as it concerns forestry.  When any
post mentions Nazis it shall be ruled automatically off topic.

In article <19970912233900.TAA20954 at>,
jostnix at (Jostnix) wrote:

> Management Service - just out of college).  Can you explain why anyone
> would vote against a new forestry newsgroup.  Politics? Ignorance?
> Stupidity?...and we have to wait another 6 months to vote! and how do you vote?

They would vote against it to keep down the number of spurious newsgroups
that nobody uses.  If NOBODY had voted no, sci.forestry still would not
have passed, because it didn't even collect 100 yes votes.

You vote in two ways.  First, you participate in the RFD (Request For 
Discussion).  A lively RFD process convinces the news.groups regulars
that there really is a need for the group.  Second, when the CFV (Call
For Votes) is posted, read it and follow the directions.  The CFV is
posted to related newsgroups and mailing lists.  Both bionet.agroforestry
and sci.agriculture (among others) received copies of the CFV, so if you
read either of those groups the CFV was right in front of you.

At this point, the best thing to do is probably to start an alt group and
try to build readership.  Remember, out of the millions of people who read
usenet every day, only 73 bothered to vote in favor.  Creating an alt group
is easier.  All you do is post a discussion to alt.config, and if comment
is generally in favor any ISP can issue the control newgroup message.

Now if you're really interested, generate some discussion of this, and
check alt.config for responses.  If I don't get real response, I'm going
to let the matter drop.

-- Larry

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