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Mon Sep 15 09:16:54 EST 1997

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> to newsnet but this has been an interesting process to watch.  On
> reflection, the bionet branches of the net do not seem to attract as many
> posts.  A large proportion seem to be sourced from administrators in
> various seats of learning.  Nothing against this but announcements of
> forthcoming events are a bit too dry to generate good discussion.

My impression too.  Bionet seems to be academically oriented, and
the administrators seem uncomfortable when dealing with the real world.
> I started off with the opinion that creating new groups would fragment
> bionet.agroforestry.  Nothing has happened to change my mind.  That is not
> because I am hard to convince!

Agroforestry is a specific field involving intercropping trees and low
growing shrubs or livestock.  The majority of the practice seems to be
limited to tropical regions.

Bionet.agroforestry has by default become the home for forestry discussions,
but this has not been pleasing to academia.  Recently they decided to make
it a moderated group to reclaim it for agroforestry discussions.  The plan
was put in abeyance when several posters pointed out that there was no
other place on usenet for forestry discussions.  If we develop a forestry
forum, I think they will move to moderation.

-- Larry

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