Logging halted in Texas National Forests

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Mon Sep 15 10:27:55 EST 1997

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> Jorg Freiberg wrote:
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> > On August 14, U. S. District Judge Richard Schell ordered a halt to most
> > logging in the national forests of east Texas. The order was accompanied
> > by a ruling that the U.S. Forest Service had routinely violated several
> > key sections of the National Forest Management Act. The injunction came as
> > a result of a trial in the U.S. District Court in Beaumont in April of
> > 1996. The Sierra Club and co-plaintiffs the Wilderness Society and the
> > Texas Committee on Natural Resources presented extensive testimony and
> > evidence collected over a number of years to prove that the Forest Service
> > was mismanaging the national forests in east Texas.
> > 
> > In particular, plaintiffs proved that the Forest Service had jailed to
> > protect soil and water resources, native forest biodiversity, wildlife
> > habitat, and had failed to monitor the effects of their logging program.
> > This impressive legal victory is a vindication for what forest reformers
> > in Texas have been saying for decades and will mark a milepost in the
> > Sierra Club's long struggle to protect our national forests nationally as
> > well as in east Texas. Indeed, if the judgement and order survive an
> > expected appeal this could be a precedent for protecting public forests
> > nationwide.
> Is that a Freudian slip (jailed) in the first sentance of the above
> paragraph? <G>

Yes, dyslexic fingers : > ( Sorry.

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