Proposed: alt.forestry

catherine yronwode cat at
Mon Sep 15 14:21:15 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> Proposed: alt.forestry
> Proposed description:  Discussion of forestry related topics. (unmoderated)
> Proposed Charter:  Appropriate topics include discussion of forest 
> management including techniques of harvest, erosion control, 
> replanting, fertilization, brush control, wildlife management and 
> multiple use considerations. Discussions of forestry politics and 
> economics are also appropriate.
> Heated discussion is appropriate as long as it concerns forestry.  
> When any post mentions Nazis it shall be ruled automatically off 
> topic.
> [...]

Sounds great -- and i got a laugh out of the Nazis. 

Seriously, though, a group with the sort of charter you describe could
legitimately discuss wilderness and park forest management as well as
agroforestry and timber forest management -- and thus it would be a
meeting ground for environmentalists, foresters, and timber workers to
discuss matters of interest to all. I know that some people take highly
polarized positions on forestry ("all tree-cutting is good" vs. "any
tree-cutting is bad") but as in the rest of life, people of good will on
both sides -- as well as the majority of unpolarized people who look at
situations on a case-by-case basis -- need a public forum where they can
meet with allies and adversaries to debate the issues. 

catherine yronwode

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