Forest Certification

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Sep 16 08:57:42 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> Der Forestmeister writes:
> >Is there any reason to think that the southern forests that you refer to
> >won't qualify?
> Right over your head...The south has a world class system of private and
> public assistance, (look at the Web for forestry extension info for
> southern states) working BMPs, best growing sites in the world, and mother
> nature working at her best.  No world wide policy is needed here.

Then you have no fear of those black helicopters from the United
Nations. <G>

> >Something needs to be done to stop the
> >very bad forestry that does actually occur in the world
> Forestmeister!  The age of Yankee imperialism and elitism is over.  I
> think there was a war in 1861-65 over just such matters...and you won.

So was National Geographic wrong when they showed the devastation in
Madagascar? Actually my anscestors were European peasants during the
Civil War- over in da boot. But Yankee imperialism and elitism seems to
be thriving- those international corporations have now superceded
nations in their vast power and wealth. The true ruler of the world is
Bill Gates, who will soon be moving into his new $60,000,000 Royal
Palace. The name of our planet will be changed to Microsoft.

> > Should the World Bank suspend
> >> loans to third world nations unless logging practices are improved?
> >
> >Sounds like a good idea to me.
> Kicking the natives again?  Go in and force appropriate logging?  By who's
> standard?  Yeah, the UN Security Council!

Nobodies going to force them to do anything. But if they want a cheap
loan from the World Bank that they probably'll never pay back
anyways.... Yah! Our SS guys in high black boots will fly over those
forests in their black helicopters and ...

> You've made good sense up to now but you aint helped me on this one.
> <GRIN>  and whats this thing you got about Texas?  Got a desire to move
> south?  Walden Pond, Boston Red Sox, Forest Certification...Would'nt last a
> minute.  <Chuckle>

Oh, just that our group's resident Texas forest ranger has taught me
much about good southern forestry. <G>

And so where are those hundreds of forestry professors, 50 chief
foresters (heck, these guys MUST have all the answers), corporate
foresters... to help you? Oh I keep forgeting, there not smart enough
for this internet stuff. Only the creme de la creme hang out here. Yah!

Der Watermellon Forestmeister
"growing watermellons under our sawlogs fer gud agroforestry"

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