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Wed Sep 17 21:52:23 EST 1997

You guys have a good thing going here. You may have a wider "readership"
than you know. These newsgroups tend ot be fairly political, so when you
have something "pure", like agroforestry, some folks are a little
intimidated to respond to it. Like do we need a forester's license number

In the world of tree climbers (cone collectors too), there is not a
USENET group, but there is a triple mirrored "Tree Climbers Discussion"
run off of three University UNIX down south somewhere (below Ketchikan).  Pretty
informative. The debates over which knots are best lead to lengthy
threads. For you forester guys, if I was to ask you which knots are best,
I'd get an entirely different response (well scattered.. tight... not

One possible answer to continued posts from foresters would be that new
$1,000 handheldGPS with satelite e-mail SENDING capabilities;
manufacturer claiming from anywhere to anywhere, using e-mail. I am not
pushing any sales, just impressed by the potential. That's it... come

 Clearcut Tree Service

Don Staples wrote:

  A forestry group may not be viable on its own, at this time there are a
  half dozen of us that respond to this group, perhaps a lot of readers,
  who knows, but few writers.  It has picked up in the last few months,
  but when planting season starts, this forester will be gone for a

  It is entirely possible that the new alt groups would be nothing more
  than a SPAMMING  ground, as many have become.  This group has been
  relitively free (Except for a recent series posted in Dane, I beleave)
  of non-site orientated conversations.

  For me, I'll support this group, or a new one, just don't stop talking,
  Ego Stroke:

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