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kats kats at prcn.org
Fri Sep 19 03:15:19 EST 1997

 I think the whole idea of spiking logs is pathetic - and that anyone who
does it should be forced to work at a newspaper stand....for the rest of
their natural life...........  Is it okay for fallers and millworkers to die
or get maimed cause some psycho enviro says its okay cause they are "bad

I work in industry - I work in silviculture, to be exact.   I have lost 4
friends in less than 2 years  - due to poor logging practices and the
Ministry of Forests survey system...

do we need to spike a few trees to kill off who's left of us?????

Amazon Reforestation
BC, Canada
"Life is brief and very fragile; do that which makes you happy"

Mark Shippey wrote in article <5vkeuc$130 at fnord.dfw.net>...

:Joseph Zorzin (redoak at forestmeister.com) wrote:
:: Mark Shippey wrote:
:: So, I don't justify Earth First spiking trees if it will hurt someone,
:: but we need some people on the fringes to get attention, because the
:: less aggressive environmentalists have been FUCKING IGNORED FOR DECADES
:  Listen watermelon.......
:  I don't need to get any of your propaganda through my skull. People
:like you are great at bitching and tearing down the system that has
:provided the highest standard of living for more workers than any
:in history. People like you, who have plenty of free time, a full
:belly, lot of technological toys, good clothes, a good place to
:live.... you love to bit the hand that feeds you like a rabid dog.
:  Most of your post that I snipped was the typical armageddon raving
:of the lunatic fringe who only looks at the negative. Just last
:week, statistic show that the average life span America has risen
:again, even in the face of all your nagging and bitching.
:  Can't you get it through your thick skull?
:  Sure we have problems, lots of them, but I have faith that
:science and industry will overcome them, just as they have so
:many others. Just as they gave you the highest standard of
:living in history, so that you have so much free time to complain.
:  So, go ahead and defend violent goons like Earth First!. Go
:ahead and preach your negative warped armageddon religion. Meanwhile,
:some of us will proceed to work on posiitive solutions to problems
:that will be implemented in spite of negative fools and monkeys
:who attack the property of innocent workers and business owners.

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