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Brett Nodello v7re at
Thu Sep 18 23:55:29 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:
> Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> And if you stay in consulting and try to feed the family, send the kids
> to college, you end up doing what you often find  not to your own
> liking, just to pay bills.  I don't like clear cutting, for any reason
> other than clearing out the excaped invaders, Chinese Tallow trees are
> taking over east Texas, and you cant get rid of them.  But, I end up
> clear cutting some tracts because that is what the owner wants, and that
> is what I get paid for, service.  Convictions fail when the bills are
> due.  Oh, I build houses on the side, sometimes in the front, depends on
> business.

This is off topic, but I have found that the majority of foresters
believe that clear cutting is an effective and "healthy" harvesting
method.  You seem to disagree.  I would appreciate your opinion on the

Brett J. Nodello
"The Woodlot"

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