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Ron Wenrich wrote:
> Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote in article
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> > Jostnix wrote:
> > > And how do you stop ecocompanies from saying they are buying sustained
> > > wood for their wood when in reality they are not.  Documentation would
> be a
> > > nightmare.  And this is happening.
> >
> > > I seriously need help to make a case for forest certification.  At this
> > > point it seems to be admirable but totally unworkable.
> I agree.
> >
> > I'd like to learn more about this "forest certification" process and
> > whether or not it accomplishes anything. Keep us informed. I've been too
> > absorbed in local forestry issues to read about what's going on in the
> > rest of the forestry world- that's why I'm here- and so far I've learned
> > a lot about... Texas. <G>
> >
> > --
> >
> > "The only WATERMELON forester in Massachusetts".
> >I am so happy to see some REAL discussion of forestry issues that are open and respective of all voices.  I cannot pretend to have the knowledge needed to participate in most of your discussions, but as  a planet inhabitant, I have a definite stake.  I think previous comments on the inability of us "urban" dwellers to relate to and disinterest in problems facing rural areas are partially true, but I think many feel as I do, rather inadequate.  Information that is not media censored is hard to come by and here in seems you either support Parks or clearcuts and not much in between that you hear about.At any rate I'm reading you and learning so keep up the talk.  My two cents worth, a web site that discusses a "Forest Certification" issue in Gabon, Africa, and apparent violations of primary forest.
Wish I'd been there to vote yes for a Forestry Newsgroup!!
Carol Wilkins

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