Proposed: alt.forestry

Sainarong Rasananda sainaron at
Sat Sep 20 10:53:35 EST 1997

Please excuse me for butting in on a completely different track.
My 13-year-old daughter has developed a great interest for knowledge
about all types of forests in this world. How this interest came about,
I am not too sure.  This is not a school project. However, we live in a
city which is right next to a luscious rain-forest. We are citizens of
Chieng Mai in Thailand. For the past 3 months, I have been trying to
find Thai books on the subject. To my surprise, I cannot find any! Most
books deal with conservation, and not description of the forests.
Can you please suggest web-sites or books dealing with this subject?
BTW, my daughter's English is only elementary, as she is a Thai.
Please help her, and you may have a future keen 'foresteer' or whatever
you call a specialist in the subject.

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