Precommercial thinning

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Fri Sep 19 21:52:22 EST 1997

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> Hey Mud,
> Knowledge is acquired through
> research, not garnered from standing under the canopy and simply
> applying whatever comes to mind. 

Knowledge is acquired by doing and standing under alot of different
canopies to determine what is the best management for that condition.  It
is not garnered from a few test plots that are supposed to be
representative of all forest areas.  Forests will change from the bottom of
a slope to the top, generally due to soil.  Forests will be different from
one side of the ridge to the other due to aspect.  I'd rather have a
forester that can think on his feet than one burdened by too much
conflicting research knowledge.

> It took Edison thousands of filaments
> to get a light bulb that worked.  All but the last one worked.  I guess
> you could say that all the others were "idiotic and wasteful of money".

No, the last one worked.  All the others, as Edison said, were successful
ways of making a filament that would not work.  

> Sincerely,
> John Brown
> Grad student
> University of Maine


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