Headwaters Forest Video Available

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sat Sep 20 04:40:28 EST 1997

Dave Gafney wrote:

> What successful Hollywood actor Does't accept violent roles? Ronald
> Reagan and John Wayne blew away lots of Native Americans.

But that was OK as they were doing the "white man's burden" to liberate
the wilderness of America for the ubermenschen of Anglo-Saxons. And you
shouldn't put down Reagon and Wayne who during WWII did their duty for
our country making propaganda movies while wimps like that pinko econut
George McGovern (the sissy) had an easy job flying dozens of bombing
missions over the The Third Reich. Good thing we didn't put HIM into the
white house back in '72.

And the redwoods? Who needs'em. Those dam hippies go in those forests
and we know what THEY do. The have sex and drug orgies out there!

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