Precommercial thinning

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Sat Sep 20 10:01:32 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:
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> Paul Hamby <paul at> wrote:
> > In southeast Alaska, thinning the reprod makes a big difference on the
> > outcome of the timber stand. Are you foresters using this as a tool in
> > the other regions as well, or is it not as necessary.
> In Western Oregon we plant maybe 800 or 1000 trees per acre, when the
> final harvest will be 150-200 trees per acre.  There's usually at least
> one precommercial thinning and one commercial thinning in there.  With
> the mills set up for smaller logs, the commercial thinning can be a
> nice paycheck.  Pulp mills will essentially take anything they can
> knock the bark off of, and will accept doug fir down to 2" (!).
> Yes, for top quality timber you have to get in there and do some work
> on it.  It makes no sense to grow an 50-year old defective tree.
> -- Larry
Dear Larry:

Your above statement is well done.  In your opinion how much of the
current prescribed fire movement is biased upon hoaxus forest

Mark, from the land of the Mighty Columbia!!

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