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kats kats at
Sat Sep 20 02:30:19 EST 1997

 well, i show up when i can (which is very seldom, usually after i have been
working or partying all night  :)

i believe i am the only woman forester around here...    :)   and i am
canadian,      tooo!!!!!  and a hugger  /  environmentalist.....

i must not be too popular with the regulars, huh??  :)

Amazon Reforestation
BC, Canada
"Life is brief and very fragile; do that which makes you happy"

Joseph Zorzin wrote in article <3422B537.5993 at>...

kats wrote:

>   For me, I'll support this group, or a new one, just don't stop talking,
>   folks.
> And I will support this group as well - you folks need at least one
> member!!!!

And we need you as the only female forester to show up here that I can
recall. I do know at least one other female forester, but she ain't
showing up. <G>

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