Precommercial thinning

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Sun Sep 21 18:09:18 EST 1997

In article <3423E54C.122B at>, Mark <mebooker at> wrote:

> Your above statement is well done.  In your opinion how much of the
> current prescribed fire movement is biased upon hoaxus forest
> management?

I'm short on expertise about prescribed burns.  Nobody prescribes fire in
Western Oregon, since blowdown rots about as fast as it burns.  Well,
a neat logging operation piles its slash up and burns it, but nobody 
suggests burning a standing forest.

East side, I've heard that fire suppression has allowed the intrusion of
some undesirable species that would normally be knocked back by fires.
That's just hearsay.  My ignorance in the area is profound.

Common sense would indicate that forest management techniques vary 
widely according to the climate.

-- Larry

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