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Al Stangenberger wrote:
> Jym Dyer (jym at igc.org) wrote:
> > [someone] wrote: 

> : > Is it okay for fallers and millworkers to die or get maimed
> : > cause some psycho enviro says its [sic] okay cause they are
> : > "bad people"???????
> : No, it's not.  Nor has that ever happened.  Number of such
> : incidents:  zero.
> I think Jym is wrong on this one.  Several years ago a sawmill worker
> in Cloverdale, CA was severely injured when the mill's band-saw 
> shattered. As I recall, the cause was a spiked redwood log.

I live a few miles down the road from Cloverdale (in Forestville) and am
quite familiar with this incident. A millworker lost his hand when the
bandsaw hit a spike and snapped. 

This millworker has since appeared on stage at rallies in tandem with
the late Judi Bari, a co-founder of Earth First. He has said repeatedly
in print and in public speeches that he does not blame Earth First or
other environmentalists for his injury. Rather, he blames the MILL


Because a bandsaw can cut through as many as FIVE spikes before it
weakens enough to snap when it hits a spike -- and he and his fellow
crew members had hit MANY spikes with that particular saw band on that
day and had asked the mill owner to replace the band. The mill owner
refused and ordered them back to work. Eventually the band snapped and
hurt the sawyer. It is important to note that this mill already had a
higher-than-average injury rate among sawyers due to poor maintenance of
other equipment when the incident occurred. 

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