Forest Certification

Don Staples dstaples at
Sun Sep 21 21:23:28 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> Der Watermellon Forestmeister
> "growing watermellons under our sawlogs fer gud agroforestry"

THis one you ain't gonna believe!

Champion, Internation, Inc, has a deal with a watermellon grower to
clear lands in and around their seedling nursery.  The Watermellon Man
clears the land, plants watermellons, harvests, and turns the property
back at the end of one or two years.  The watermellon man makes out like
a bandit on his produce (southerners love our watermellons!)  Benefits
the seedlings in that the site is clear, been cultivated, and has a
residual of fertilizer.  

Works like a charm, and those of us who know the roads, eat a lot of
Ego Stroke:

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