Precommercial thinning: brush cutters

David Decker davidd at
Mon Sep 22 01:22:06 EST 1997

Anders Axelsson wrote:
> Unfortunately I don`t know the English word for the tool,but it consists of
> a 5-ft rod with a circular saw at one end and a conventional petrol engine
> at the other.You carry this contraption in a harness so you don`t get back
> problems.
> $800 will buy you a powerful one to cut trees up to 8-10 inches.I`d be
> surprised if you
> can`t find these over-there.Big makers in Europe are Husqvarna and Stihl.
> AA

It's a brush cutter.. A more powerful version of a weed eater.  
Husqvarna does make them and you can find local dealers from their web 
site They have a full line - in catalogs - 
that go upto a lawn mower on a stick.... Over 3hp (65ccs) with a 10inch 
circular blade for a listed price just under $1,000.

After using a machette, a brush ditch bank blade?(a fat blade on a 
handle) and then a weed eater with a brush blade, I will take the brush 
cutter.. The weed eater kept breaking down.  The 2+inch trees were too 
much for the weed eater.

Got mine on sale at Sears for $300.. It has a 8+ inch circular blade, 
shoulder harness, 39 cc engine, heavy duty construction and looks like 
it might be made by Husqvarna..  I think it will take a 10inch circular 
blade..  Works real well, although have not had a chance to give a 
thorough trial yet.. Will later this fall in thinning brush and pines.. 

Using a chain saw to thin small (less than 8inch)diameter trees and 
brush would make me get the best health insurance policy available or 
have a death wish.  The brush cutter is safer and more fun, not to 
mention what shrinks would say about pushing a long power rod into thick 

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