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Jostnix jostnix at
Mon Sep 22 15:17:23 EST 1997

 Don Staples <dstaples at> writes:

>Steve, do you mean agro.forestry is heavily censored and full of spam? 
>I would suspect your server more than the group.  I see very little spam
>here, and the most censure ship is based on the other servers.

You hit the nail right on the head.  My AOL connection (and I do have a
"real" ISP as well) was set up wrong and the spam was a collection I was
seeing on my first few visits.  They have considerably lessened and I have
increase my file survival time to a week.

>Perhaps there is a big brother out their somewhere, if so he/she is some
>what capricious in their censorship.

No big brother, just bonehead brother on my part...I panicked and thought
there was a moderator who did not like commercial sites.  Alas and alack,
not even a moderator...

>  I saw your commercial site on this
>group, and have it bookmarked, all because of your talk on the group. 
>With around 10 posts a day this group is gravely underused, and a good
>forum for the likes of the foresters and agro.forestry types.  Hang in
>there, check with your server, and keep on talking.

This is fun and you can't run me off with a stick.  It wont hurt my
traffic either. 

"Gravely Underused" is an understatement.  This forum goes all over the
world and the Internet is the communiction package of the future.  Only a
matter of time before the bomb goes off and we foresters need to be in the fray.

Oh by the way, I checked sci.agriculture and there has to be 100 posts a
day.  I grab my hat and hang my head in shame.

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