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Jym Dyer jym at igc.org
Mon Sep 22 13:31:04 EST 1997

>>> Is it okay for fallers and millworkers to die or get maimed
>>> cause some psycho enviro says its [sic] okay cause they are
>>> "bad people"???????
>> =o= No, it's not.  Nor has that ever happened.  Number of
>> such incidents:  zero.
> Not true.  Oregon worker had a band saw explode in his face,
> requiring 32 stitches, when the piece he was resawing
> contained a spike.  Number of years ago, late '80's, I
> believe.

=o= Yes, this worker was severely injured.  No, it has nothing
to do with any "psycho enviro."

=o= The worker himself does not blame environmentalists for this
injury, he blames the timber company who forced him to work with
unsafe, unshielded equipment.

=o= Furthermore, the timber in question was not logged from a
wilderness area.  It was not under environmental dispute.  The
attempt to link this incident with Earth First! was a dishonest
and cynical PR move by the timber industry.

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